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We’re #1 in CSRA Digital Marketing for a reason.
Whatever your brand needs to succeed, we got you.

Website Development

In this day and age, your brand can’t possibly survive without an online home base. Bring the MDOT crew on board and we’ll create the website your brand needs to make waves with your audience online. We’ll walk your through the design process so you can have as much say as you want in the look and feel of your site. Your website will not only look good, but it’ll have all the organization and insights you need on the backend to ensure you’re getting the right traffic and that they like what they see.

Social Media Services

Everywhere you go, social media connects you with the businesses and brands that you (and the algorithms) know and love, so why not capitalize on this platform and build a loyal following? At MDOT Marketing, we have experts on our team that know exactly how to manage and curate your account, advertise on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and even market in ways you can’t do anywhere else. Whether your social media accounts need a full rescue, you need to build a community around your brand, or simply need a fresh start with your accounts, we’ll be there.

Email Marketing

Did you know that even with worldwide push for video ads and other new forms of marketing, expertly created email campaigns still produce an average of a 4,200% ROI across all markets and niches? If you were wondering where to put your money, this is it. No matter what growth phase you’re in, we stan anything that gets you the most bang for your buck, so our team is ready to craft campaigns that work hard to connect with and convert your subscribers – day or night.

Digital Advertising

Once you’ve got your website built, it’s time to market your brand and make sure your name is in the mind of everyone in your target audience. Whether you’ve got the audience but need to convert them into sales through remarketing or need to promote your name with Search Engine Marketing and Display Ads, our team has the hard skills to make it happen. Together, we’ll find and eliminate your blind spots while expanding on the best platforms that ultimately help you secure your bag.

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